There probably isn’t anyone in the world, at least in this hemisphere, who doesn’t have some concept of Vermont that plays in their imagination whenever they see or hear the “V” word. Moonlight … Mountains … Ski Trails … Autumn Colors … Maple Syrup … Rustic Farmhouses. So when I was asked to create an ad for Vermont Tourism, all those images ran through my mind like a commercial I couldn’t stop. I figured that maybe the same thing happened to just about everybody else, and an informal survey confirmed that it probably did. It was a comfortable hike from there to a simple one-line ad with an evocative scene and a coupon as clean as the state itself. Its effectiveness was easy to track.

Vermont was still “webless” and thousands of coupons flooded the tourism offices. Brochures went out, visitors poured in, and tourism revenue flowed like sap from a maple tree.